Help reading pattern for dpn short row shaping

I am making a very cool fish hat but I do not quit understand a part of this pattern and have looked everywhere for how to videos but have not been successful. The pattern is located at


I am stuck at the mouth shaping section. When knitting the short row do I only use one of my dpn’s? Which one do I use? If I only use one needle what do I do with the other needles or will it work out when I am done with that section?
Thank you so much for your help

The link you posted is your saved shortcut, this is the one at knitty.

It looks as though you just start working the short rows at the beginning of round -
[I]Row 1[/I] [RS]: K27, W&T.
[I]Row 2[/I] [WS]: P9, W&T.
[I]Row 3[/I] [RS]: K10, W&T.

Start out by knitting 27 sts, w&t, then knit back over 9, w&t, knit 10, etc. If the first 27 sts takes you into the 2nd needle, you can rearrange the sts so they’re on just one, however the number of sts increases then decreases, so don’t worry about whether they’re on one or two needles. The other sts are just held until you’re done with the short rows.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Another part in the fish hat under shape body says work 4.75 inches decrease round 1 then work 2.5 inches decrease round 2, etc… Does this mean that I knit the stockinette for 4.75 inches but decrease it during the first round then when knitting the 2.5 inches knit the first round reg then during the second round of the 2.5 inches decrease and the 1.5 inches decrease when I get to the third round of that? I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

After repeating rows 2-16, then knit 4.75" and do dec round 1 on the next round. Then work 2½" and work dec round 2. You should have just the right amount of sts to do each dec round [I]after[/I] you knit the specified measurements.

How’s your hat coming along? I just started one for my daughter.