Help reading pattern cast on

I am making a hat and the instructions said at the beginning to cut a 50in piece of yarn and set aside. I made the ear flap section and am now at the forehead section. I do not understand the instructions.

It says:
Using set aside piece of yarn held to edge of knitting (this will provide the second “tail” needed for the cast-on), CO 34 sts using the Old Norwegian method.

I know how to do the Norwegian cast on. I am confused about the yarn being held to the edge of the knitting???

Please help :slight_smile:

Using set aside piece of yarn held to edge of knitting

I think they just mean to hold that extra piece of yarn up where you can work with it. You will use the yarn attached to the ear flap as one tail of the yarn to cast on with and you need to hold that other piece up so you can use it as the second tail to cast on with. Does that make any sense?

Im trying to understand :slight_smile: I cast on with the yarn from the earflap then add in the extra yarn? Im sorry could you be a little more specific. Im not sure why I am having such a hard time understanding.
Thank you so much

I thought I replied to your post the other day, but the board must have eaten it. It means to use the second piece for the thumb yarn and do a version of the long tail Cast on. The ‘old Norwegian’ CO is the same as the twisted German CO which is shown on the cast ons page. I’d skip it though and just use a loose cable cast on, no extra ends to weave in.

Oh I get it!! thank you so much!!