Help reading lace shawl pattern

I’m a little confused with the enlish mesh lace pattern and also the horseshoe lace pattern. It says it is multiples of 6 plus 1 st for edging. Does that edging stitch include the multiples of 6 or do you need to add the edging on top. Like in this pattern you cast on 24 and then knit a row and then do the english mesh lace pattern, so do I need to add 2 more stitches for the edging or is it included in the 24?

I’m also a little confused on the increase. There are two sections about it and I really just need it in lamen terms. I’m still kinda new at this but easy patterns are getting easy so I wanted to try something harder and I think I might have picked something too hard but it is just so beautiful I really want to make it work. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

(here is the pattern)

A beautiful choice in this pattern!
No, the pattern does not include the edge stitch, you’ll have to add 1 each time you begin and end a knit row from what I’ve read.

Note this located in the instructions for beginning the shawl[B](in bold)[/B]

Neck to Bottom
Start with 4.5mm (US 7) circular needle, at each new ball of yarn, change needle to one size larger - 5.0mm (US 8) for second ball of yarn, then 5.5mm (US 9) for third ball, 6.0mm (US 10) for fourth ball, 6.5mm (US 10 1/2) for fifth ball, 7.0mm (US 10/12 – 11) for sixth ball, 8.0mm (US 11) for 7th ball. 8th ball is used for bind off - use 8.0mm (US 11) needles for this.

CO 24 sts, knit across. Divide into halves: K12, place center-back increase marker, K12. Work back and forth in English Mesh Lace until end of first ball of yarn. [B]Work all odd-numbered rows as inc rows: Knit into front and back of stitches at beginning and end of row, and before & after center-back increase marker.** [/B]

It increases 4 sts each row, one as you begin the knit row, one before the center stitch, one after the center stitch, then a fourth at the end of the knit row.

Hope this helps and really would love to see your project!!!

This pattern has driven many a person nearly insane. Not that it is terribly complicated, but I am sorry to say the instructions are not the best.

There is a yahoo group devoted to it with corrected graphs and instructions, and I believe a Ravelry group as well.

MMarie - do you know the names of the groups? I did a search at ravelry and yahoo groups, but didn’t find it. At ravelry I found an occasional mention of the shawl but not a dedicated forum.

There’s a ravelry for elann patterns, though there aren’t any posts about this shawl. The yahoo group is

Thanks guys that was very helpful and I’ll be sure to post pics when I get it done. (That makes more sense now of why they want the increase of four :slight_smile:

Just beautiful, but if I were to make the shawl the first thing I would do is make a chart for each of the patterns that way you will get a visual image of how the rows stack up