Help! Reading knitting diagram

I’m having a hard time reading this pattern, is a cardigan I’m starting from the top( yoke) cast 69 stitches and then after 5 rows. Row 6 started with the diagram that asks me to repeat 3 times chart A and B and it doesn’t add up, I’m confused!!

So I do the 6 stitches then from chart A add 8 and then YO then knit YO and then 8 stitches, then from chart B : 5 stitches, knit2tog, YO, 6 stitches, then chart A : 8 stitches and so forth.
I know I’m doing it all wrong need some help please!!

Thank you!!

You are going to knit 6, then work A B A B A B A B A, then knit 6 again.

In row 1 of chart A, you are doing YO, k1, YO. This “uses up” one stitch to do, but also creates 2 sts, leaving you with 3. (Remember a yarnover is just that – moving your yarn over/around the needle and nothing else.) So every time you see A in the instructions for this row, you do YO, k1, YO.

In row 1 of chart B, you are doing k5, k2tog, YO, k6. This uses up 13 stitches and yields 13 sts. (Start with 13, decrease 1, increase 1, end up with 13 again.) So every time you see B in this row, you are going to repeat that sequence.

Hope that helps. Please ask for clarification if I haven’t explained it enough or answered your question.

Then you do row 2 (mostly purls so the author has written what to do for you so you don’t have to bother looking at the charts). That’s a wrong-side row.

Then you move onto row 3 of the instructions, which tells you where to do row 3 in the charts.

Basically you are knitting edge stitches, then from the charts, repeating and alternating A and B, then edge stitches again.


P.S. Keep an eye out for rows 9 and 19, where you need to make more buttonholes. If you write out the numbers 1 through 22, you can circle those two special rows, and mark off each row as you finish it. Or put a circle on the chart around 9 and 19. The circle in each case meaning “remember to work a buttonhole on this row”.

At least, that’s how I do it. Hope that makes sense.

I cannot say enough thanks!! :heart::heart:

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You’re welcome! Please come back and ask more questions if you get stuck.

I forgot to ask you what you are knitting. Is it a yoke cardigan?

Thank you for the clear explanation, I’m a beginner and this group has been the best resource!
Yes, is a sweater for my oldest daughter for Christmas.
I finished another sweater for my youngest with the help of this group as well! :blush:


Your sweater with the stranded yoke is lovely! I hope we get to see the next one with the lace and ruffle too.

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What a lovely cardigan. I’m impressed with the colour work. I haven’t tried any yet but want to make a colourful patterned sweater for my son.
Well done, what an achievement.
Looking forward to seeing the next one too, so pretty.

Help! I’m on row 5 from the diagram and having a hard time following the pattern from row 4( 89stitches)
Is not adding to math the pattern on row 5 if I follow:
K6 ab ab ab ab a k6

If you still have row 5 on the needles, go back over the sts and make sure you can see the yarn overs and decreases. I name the sts as I follow the chart: 6 border, yo, ktog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, yo and so on. Maybe a forgotten yarn over?
The math for row 5 works out starting with 89sts.
6 border
each repeat of (AB) is 18sts. Times 4 repeats that’s 72sts.
A is 5sts
6 border

The row will end with 99sts.

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