HELP! Reading a stranding chart

OK -I wanter to venture into stranding. I want to make a hat using this pattern:

My question might be a little obvious, but its about the chart. The chart obvioulsy doesn’t represent ALL the stitches so when I get to the end of the chart on row 1 do I just start the chart again on that row until I have knit all the stitches?

For instance, the 1st row of the chart indicates as follows: K1 in C2, K2 in C1 4x’s - Am I understanding that correctly? That’s a total of 12 stitches right? So after those first 12 stitches do I start with K1 in C2, K2 in C1 again? But if I start with that pattern again it seems like there would only be 6.5 repeats for the woman’s sized hat. So I would end with half a repeat? Am I completely wrong at reading charts? It wouldn’t surprise me if I was :rofl:

 [COLOR=Red]I can't seem to access the Ravelry link so I don't know how many stitches you are working on.  But try figuring out how many repeats you would have with 9 stitches per repeat rather than 12.[/COLOR]

Hi - thanks for your suggestion. I didn’t actually mean that the k2 in color 1 was repeated 4 times, but that the entire thing was repeated 4 times. lets see if I can recreate row 1 here since I can’t cut and paste from the pattern:

&& = color 1
^^ = color 2


So reading from right to left It reads k1 in c2; k2 in c1; k1 in c2; k2 in c1; k1 in c2; k2 in c1; k1 in c2; k2 in c1 for 4 repeats of the color pattern right? and that would be 12 stitches total. Now the pattern says to co 78 stitches for a woman’s sized hat. If I were continue in the pattern for row 1 I would repeat those same 12 stitches 6 1/2 times so I would stop half way through on the last repeat? Am I messing myself up over thinking this? Should I just get started and shut up? :roflhard: