Help reading a pattern

I’m knitting a duck Cardigan and doing the back, got stuck where it says the following: "WK 15 st chart pattern (reversed)"
What is that mean??

What pattern are you making? Can you give us the name or a link to it?
Sounds like you’re to work the 15 stitch chart but I’m not sure why “reversed”. Sometimes seeing a photo helps.

ETA: maybe this one:

on the back the chart is worked in reverse and then as given (not reversed) so that you have 2 ducks facing each other.

Thanks for your help,
The pattern is here:

I did look the the videos but they still didn’t help! I should have said that I’m a beginner knitter

The color chart is knit in intarsia so that means that each block of color has its own small ball of yarn.

To follow the chart, read the right side rows (knit rows) from right to left starting at the bottom right. Read the wrong side rows (purl rows) from left to right. One thing you’re going to have to plan for. The chart will start with some stitches in the main color before you get to the first color change. It may help to mark off the 15 stitches from tip of tail to tip of beak.