Help reading a pattern

Hi everyone,

I am trying to knit a blanket but am confused on understanding the pattern for adding the side frills.
The pattern states with right side facing, pick up and knit 91 sts evenly along side edge.
1st row. Inc in 1st st, *inc in next st, repeat from * to last st, K1. 181 sts.
I’m so confused :see_no_evil:,please could someone explain what I should be doing and point me in the direction of a video that may help!! Thank you in advance :grinning:

Can you tell us the pattern name and provide a link please? (Don’t post t he pattern here) Usually when a pattern says "increase in stitch the mean KFB (knit in the front and back of the stitch) Check your pattern directions to see if it wants some other increase.

Pick up 91 stitches evenly along side edge
Row 1 - kfb to last stitch K1 (181 stitches)

Thanks for your reply. The pattern is a sirdar snuggly knit blanket with frill, number 1771.
i cannot see the pattern asking for any further increases.

Thanks :smile:

Cute! I think I’d probably just use kfb for the increase since it doesn’t suggest an increase.