Help reading a knitting pattern

I am sorry I keep posting but I am really confused on each step, really appreciate all the help and advice ! This is the knitting pattern

cast on 31 stitches and work 6 rows of garter stitch
Next row- Knit
Next row- Knit 5, purl to end
repeat the last 2 rows 2 more times
Next row- Knit 2, Knit 2 together , knit to end
continue, in stocking stitch, keeping 5 stitches at front edge in garter stitch, decrease 1 stitch at beginning inside 2 stitches every follow 6th row until 26 stitches remaining
Work 3 rows, thus ending with a wrong side row
Next row-k2, *yfwd, k2tog, rep from * to last 6 stitches, k to end
Next row- k5, p to end

Shape reglan armholes

Cast of 2 stitches, k to end, work 1 row
Next row- k1, k2tog, k to end
Next row- k5, p to end
Repeat last 2 rows until 15 stitches remaining, ending with a right side row

Shape neck
Cast of 6 stitches, p to end
Continue decreasing armhole as before, decrease 1 stitch at neck edge on the following 3 rows then decrease armhole edge only until 2 stitches remaining. Cast off **

What does ** mean as they are just by them self with no writing before or after?

When it says work 1 row after I cast 2 off stitches and k to end would I do k5, p to end or just another knit row with no decrease?

On shaping the armhole part when I repeat the rows twice until I end up with 15 stitches how can I end on the right side row when the second row is k5, p to end… Do I miss this one out on the very last one once I have got to my 15 stitches ?

On the shape neck part, what does the second part mean, what do I do on each row? Completely confused about that part as if I decrease on every 3rd stitch I will be decreasing on a purl row not just a knit row.

I know it’s a lot to answer, thank you in advance !!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. We’re all pleased to help out.
The double asterisk is marking a section that may be repeated later. You can see a ** earlier in the pattern, right after Shape Raglan Armholes. The section between the double asterisks will probably be repeated later on.

When it says “work one row”, that means k5, p to end, no decreases.

Work the decreases (the k2tog) at the armhole edge. When you finish the final dec you’ll have 15sts. Turn and you’ll be ready to work a wrong side row. This edge is the neck edge. Bind off 6sts. Now you no longer have the 5stitch garter border.

For the neck and armhole shaping directions, you want to continue decreasing at the armhole at the beginning of the right side row and at the same time, decrease at the end of the right side row and at the beginning of the wrong side and then again at the end of the next right side row. These 3 decreases will finish the neck shaping. Like the armhole decreases, you may want to make the one stitch in from the very edge to give you a nicer edge for adding a neckband.
It may help to make a drawing of these decreases and check them off as you do them, just to keep on track.