Help reading a knitting pattern

I have just started to learn how to knit and I am currently working on a very basic baby cardigan. This is the pattern,

cast on 31 stitches and work 6 rows of garter stitch
Next row- Knit
Next row- Knit 5, purl to end
repeat the last 2 rows 2 ore times
Next row- Knit 2, Knit 2 together , knit to end

I have done all that so far its the next part I don’t understand, it says,

continue, in stocking stitch, keeping 5 stitches at front edge in garter stitch, decrease 1 stitch at beginning inside 2 stitches every follow 6th row until 26 stitches remaining

What exactly do I do on each row from now on?
Thank you in advance !

Hi and welcome!
I have a few questions. The simplest one is can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?
Are you knitting the left front for this baby sweater? I’m wondering if the baby sweater is shaped at the side edges, that is, is it wider at the bottom and narrow toward the underarm? Is the front of the cardi, the garter stitch band sloped or is it straight up and down?

It looks like you’re making a V-neck, probably the front.
The first five stitches will all be in garter pattern (when you’re knitting flat, knit them on every row.) This keeps the edge from curling. You do the rest in stockinette.
On Row 6, knit the first five stitches, then decrease (it doesn’t say how, so do it however seems best to you.) This keeps the garter stitch band intact and puts the decreases in a spot wherethey don’t show as much.
Do the same thing on Rows 12, 18, 24 and 30. I think that comes out to 26 stitches left.

It was for the left front and I have solved the problem, thank you for taking the time to read ! :slight_smile: