Help reading a crochet pattern

I’m teaching myself to crochet and am using the tutorial at Crafty Daisies. In Lesson #2, I learned how to crochet in the round. I’m having trouble with reading one of the patterns. In the Basic Granny Square pattern, I’m not sure about the total number of times I do the pattern in the round. :shrug:

[I]4 dc in lp, 2 ch*; Repeat * to * 4 times ; join B in initial st

[/I]Am I suppose to do 4 dc in lp, 2 ch 4 times total or 5 times total?

This is different from knitting where I have a number of stitches on the needles and can count the increases and decreases.

Check this out! It’s explained so well and there are pictures! Woo hoo!
(the answer to your ? is 4x because you are making the four corners).

Hope this link helps!

Thank you very much Larudden!!!:woohoo:I’m going to follow the tutorial on the link you posted and make that grany square then try other other pattern again.

I learned how to do a basic square on youtube. If you go there and search for tjw1963, thats her username. She has so many crochet videos. She has one of making a granny square. This one does not have the Ch.1 spaces… it is continuous DC’s. Check it out! I like it better than the traditional granny.