Help reading a chart

I haven’t knitted from a chart before. I’m starting small–Nina Clock’s “flourish” bookmark

Cast on 19 stitches. On the 4th row, on the left, the chart ‘stops’ after 17 stitches. This continues for a total of 3 rows. Then it is 19 stitches again. Do I just slip those 2 stitches for 3 rows?


DUH! Never mind. I realize that row has decreases in it.

It looks to me that the previous row you will decrease 2 more stitches than you increase. That will make for 2 less stitches in the next row. It looks like the stitch count will vary from row to row. As Jan says trust the pattern.

Chart A row 4 has more decreases than increases- there are a couple of “knit 3 together”. Since you are decreasing more than increasing, you will use up all 19 of your stitches but end with only 17- so there won’t be extra stitches to slip. Did I explain that so it makes sense?

LOL nevermind, good job. :slight_smile:

Thank you both! I’ve never read a chart before. Made no sense to me until I started to knit it and a lightbulb went off!

A lot of patterns or charts are hard to visualize in your head, then make sense when you follow along with the yarn and needles and it becomes very clear what you need to do.