HELP reading a bag pattern

:wall: The pattern says Working in rib as set, (k2,p2), make eyelet holes on every alt knit st by k2tog, yfwd all the way around the bag. Then work another 3 rows in rib. I have tried this numerous different times and ways and I don’t see how the eyelet comes into play here. And then what does it mean by knitting another 3 rows in rib…does that mean go back to k2,p2? :-x That’s how I"m starting to feel towards this bag as it’s the person that wrote the pattern that isn’t making it clear. :grrr:

This is my guess - it’s hard to know without seeing the whole pattern or a picture of the bag (is there an online link?) - The only way to do K2tog without messing up the K2P2 ribbing would be to knit the two knits together. That might sound like a no brainer but I find their instructions rather confusing where it says to “…make eyelet holes on every alt knit st by k2tog…” I think perhaps it means to do the eyelet holes on every alt (every other) set of knit stitches in the rib? So this is how I’m picturing it - and I could be wrong, but…

(K2tog, yo, P2, K2, P2) repeated to end

So every other set of knit stitches in the established rib pattern would have an eyelet.

Then when it says to do another 3 rows in rib pattern, yes you would go back to doing a regular K2P2 across. The eyelets are just for that one row.

I think your pattern means that to make the eyelet holes instead of doing K2, you do K2tog yfwd, and then you do the P2 as before so that you keep the ribbing pattern going, so you do…

(K2 tog yfwd, P2) all across row (to make the eyelet holes)
next row (K2, P2) all across row (normal rib)
next row (K2, P2) all across row (normal rib)
next row (K2, P2) all across row (normal rib)

Please have a go and let us know how you get on with it.



O.K…girls but and here’s another stumper (at least for me)…after I"ve done the round w/k2tog, yfwd all around the bag…how do I go back to the same rib pattern of k2,k2 when there isn’t going to be the k2 available…see what i mean? Because the previous row I"ve knitted the two together. So now there’s only one… :eyebrow:

If I’m following correctly- the k2tog would take 2 sts to 1 and then the yo would inc back to 2 sts. So, you should have the 2 sts to do the k2. Right?

Am I stupid or what…I guess I don’t know what a YO is considering the yarn over goes right b/f a perl stitch and so I guess I’m yarning over and then perling? :doh: