Help: Re-joining 2 pieces back together I've knit in linen stitch?

Hi all,
This isn’t easy to explain so please bear with me.
I’m knitting a wrap done in a 1-color linen stitch pattern using blocks of color (7 skeins, each of a different color). So, 1st color is knit linen stitch until I reach the end of the skein (about 10-12 inches), continue with skein 2 (new color) until it is used up, then 3rd skein (new color), and so on. The whole thing is in linen stitch.
My problem: I finished my 5th skein and then decided I didn’t like how I had gone slightly “off pattern” earlier between skeins 2 and 3 using 2-color linen stitch for 4 rows between the color change (I was trying for a more varied color change rather than a straight color switch that my pattern calls for but it didn’t look quite as good as i thought it would). So, I impulsively ripped the stitches out between the those skeins, thinking I’d just re-join them in linen stitch again. Big mistake as it turns out as I can’t figure out how to do it.
Question: How can I rejoin two already knit pieces in linen stitch? There has to be a way right?
Thanks so much!

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You can certainly rejoin the pieces but the join won’t be perfectly seamless. For one of the pieces you have live sts that you can place on a needle. This is the last row of that particular section. For the other piece, you can pick up the loops between sts making sure that the yarn strand is on the correct side of the slipped stitches but you will have one fewer stitch because these are the loops between sts and not sts themselves.
I can only imagine joining with 3 needle bind off which will leave a ridge in back or Kitchener which won’t leave a ridge. Even with Kitchener, the join will be different from the linen stitch itself. You may have to test this out on a swatch to see what will work best for you.


Thank you. I’m going to try these methods out on some swatches. I’m wondering if even a whip stitch though the back might work. Thanks again for your suggestions! I really goofed this time (so mad at myself lol).