Help! re join wool from knitted sleeve to unknitted one?

in my pattern i have to re join the wool from the strap of the dolls dress that i have knitted and now goes on a stitch holder to the opposite strap that hasn’t been knitted yet??? do i cut the wool and sew it back down the strap i have knitted or what???

I’m a bit confused at what you need. It sounds like you break the yarn from the first strap and put those stitches on a stitch holder. Since you can’t rejoin yarn to something that hasn’t been knitted yet and as such doesn’t exist yet, my guess is that you mean you have to rejoin the yarn to the main body of the dress and start knitting the second strap with this yarn. In that case you would just start knitting with the new (attached) yarn just like you do when you start a new ball of yarn. Does that sound right to you? I’m still a little confused about what you mean.

YEs, when a pattern has you rejoin yarn from somewhere, just take an end of it and start knitting, leaving a tail that you weave in later.

thankyou. you’re right:heart: :heart: :heart: