!HELP! - raglan decrease using CN and YO

Apologies for repetitive problem if this has already been covered… but I’m in serious need of assistance!!
My pattern instructs: "Shape raglan arm every RS row, knitting until last 11 sts, sl next 3 sts to CN held in front, K1, K2 tog from CN, K1 from CN, YO, repeat pattern between *, K3. (there are other instructions here for decreasing at neck edge, then come the problematic raglan decrease instructions as follows):
Continue raglan decs until 2 sts remain. BO."
I’m good with all of the above EXCEPT how to continue the raglan decreases in the established 11-stitch pattern while getting down to just 2 sts for BO.
Do I simply stop doing the cable needle / YO pattern? Or is there a trick I’m just not "getting?"
I really don’t want to resort to faking my way through these decreases for fear of being less than happy with the results after such an investment of time and $. This single-ply merino is also not very forgiving when it comes to repeated ripping out and re-knitting!
Thanks for any and all help! :slight_smile:

I don’t really see where the raglan decrease is there. If you’re doing a k2tog AND a yo, your stitch count will stay the same. :??

The stitch count decreases by one stitch at the raglan edge because there is only one YO, but the rest of the pattern is repeated between the asterisks.
I just don’t understand what I’m supposed to do once I get down to the last 11 or 12 stitches and am supposed to continue the raglan decreases… I either need to stop doing the raglan pattern with the YO and the cable needle, or else I somehow need to modify the number of stitches within that raglan YO sequence to allow one fewer stitch with each consecutive RS row until only 2 sts remain. I don’t see how either one will maintain the same appearance as the raglan has up to this point (??!)

You wouldn’t happen to have a link to the pattern, would you?:??

No, I unfortunately do not have a link; I purchased the pattern via mail order about a year ago from an outfit in Canada - which may in itself be an insurmountable obstacle (?).
It is a long V-neck cardigan with 10 inches of eyelet ribbing at the bottom (looks like it will be very pretty when completed!). It’s called “Meadow,” and is copyrighted by Woolgathering Designs, 7536 Forsyth, Box 345, St. Louis, MO 63105.
I tried unsuccessfully to locate them on Google a week ago…
Hence, I am now seeking a knitting guru who is well versed in troubleshooting and/or knit design to hopefully lend their expertise in solving my predicament!
I have worked both fronts up to the point of becoming stuck with only the final dozen or so stitches remaining, put them on stitch holders, and have moved on to the sleeves. I am confident that somehow, some way there will be a positive outcome and a completed sweater!!
Maybe I can somehow take a digital photo of the pattern and attach it with a post?? Or better yet, photos of what I’ve knitted so far? :slight_smile:

It’s not allowed to post patterns because of copyright issues, but you can PM me a copy and I’ll take a look at it. Photos would help, too.

You may type out directions for only the fronts and we could help you figure them out too.

Would I need to type out the entire instructions for the front of the sweater? Or just the part I’m experiencing technical difficulties with? The latter has been typed out verbatim in my original post.
I can also take digital photos of both fronts I have knitted up to the point where I’m supposed to "Continue raglan decs until 2 sts remain."
The raglan decrease is as follows: …knitting until last 11 sts, * sl next 3 sts to CN held in front, K1, K2 tog from CN, K1 from CN *, YO, repeat pattern between *, K3. The raglan decrease itself is not the problem; it only becomes a problem after having knitted the shaped fronts to the point where I am left with only a dozen stitches and am instructed to continue raglan decs until 2 sts remain. I simply do not understand how to continue decreasing stitches in pattern (?) when that pattern itself requires 11 stitches.
So I’m wondering if it is assumed that the knitter somehow should know when and how to switch from the raglan pattern to whatever works to accomplish the task of getting down to 2 stitches…? I’m hoping all sweater patterns don’t leave me hanging like this, because as a beginning knitter this experience has been daunting / frustrating to say the least! :-[ Yikes!
Thanks to any and all responders with their input!!!

I’ve been thinking about this. Yes, I’m a knitting dork. :teehee:
As you do the decreases, wouldn’t you eat away at those last stitches? You’d work the cable, reduce the stitches as you go between that and the final knit 3. When you get to the final knit 3, eat away at those until you have two left of the cable stitches.

That work?

I’m at work right now (till midnight!!) so am unable to actually try that right now, but will attempt doing it on some practice yarn during my lunch break.
In the meantime I’m trying to envision doing the cable decreases using fewer stitches.
Mental knitting is more difficult than real knitting!!
Thanks! :slight_smile: