Help! quick and pretty scarf pattern needed

Hi wonderful knitters

I have a Christmas knitting crisis!

I still have one-and-a-bit scarves to finish before I start on my best friend’s xmas scarf (luckily I am using this pattern for the current projects : which is not only beautiful but super quick!)

Although I love the aforementioned pattern I don’t want to do three scarves in a row in it as that may test my boredom threshold! So basically I need a quick pattern (30 stitches per row or less please - the bigger the needles the better!) that is also pretty and feminine for my friend, who is definitely a ‘girly girl’. I was thinking some kind of decorative pattern rather than a simple rib or seed stitch - a simple, quick-knitting lace perhaps or something with eyelets?

Can anyone help?


[color=indigo]Try the Old Shale or Feather and Fan pattern. It’s gorgeous and I think it really knits up fast.

Thanks Yarnlady that looks awesome! I was thinking a nice mohair would be nice too. I will definitely give that puppy a try!