Help purling ruffle to tunic

Hi! First time posting to this site, and relatively new to knitting. I’m making a ruffled tunic for a toddler. I’ve knitted the tunic and the ruffle, but am having a hard time understanding how the pattern wants me to connect the two. I have picked up stitches on the tunic on a circular, and have the ruffle on a second circular. The pattern says: “With both right sides facing out, place ruffle in front of stitches picked up along neck edge. With yarn attached to ruffle, working 1 stitch from neck edge together with 1 stitch from ruffle, purl across neck edge to join ruffle to Tunic.” I just don’t understand how to purl with the ruffle’s yarn to connect with the tunic. Any help would be appreciated!!

(pattern here:

To me it sounds like you are doing a 3 needle bind off. I would like to see what otherd say

Welcome to KH!
Thanks very much for the link. It’s so helpful to see the finished project.
It’s close to a 3-needle bind off as Trisha suggested, but without the bind off
. Once you have the two pieces, the neck edge sts on one needle and the ruffle sts on a second with RS facing each other, use a third needle to join the two. Insert the needle into the first stitch on needle one purlwise and then into the first stitch on needle two. purlwise and purl 2 together. Then repeat for the second sts on needles one and two and so on. By the end you will have joined the two pieces together. Follow the directions for the next row and then the bind off.
Here’s a video that shows the set up (for purlwise, see about 3:42 min). Don’t do the bind off step,
just use the video for the set up and purl sts. You should have stitches on the third needle after purling 2 together.

It’s really a darling pattern. ,

Thanks salmonmac! I learned something new also.
I have only used the 3 needle bind off.

Thank you SO much! That makes a lot of sense. But what does it mean when it
says “with yarn attached to ruffle,…” Does that mean I use the yarn on
the ruffle to do the purl? Or leave yarn attached to the ruffle and use new
yarn to purl the connection?

I’d use the yarn that I was working the ruffle with to purl and join the two pieces.
I did a ruffled purse not long after I started knitting and encountered the same questions myself. You could use a different yarn if you don’t have enough left from knitting the ruffle, but you’d have more ends to weave in.
Cute pattern!

Thank you! I was able to add the ruffle yesterday and it looks great!!

We’d love to see a photo. Such a sweet pattern.