Help - provisional cast on

Help! I can’t understand the provisional cast-on in Amy’s video. All I get is a bunch of twisted yarn, no loops that I can knit with, and it falls apart in my hands. What am I missing?

Never mind, I kind of got it. I think.
I want to attempt double-knitting… these are the instructions I’m following.

I finally figured out the provisional cast on but the other things are just too many techniques put together too quickly, I couldn’t do it. Anybody know of a good way to learn this?

[color=darkred]Hi Joe,
When I do double hats, I take the easy route. I knit a hat like your yellow one. Then, using a needle one size larger with the purl side facing, I pick up a stitch in every stitch in the row above the ribbing and knit the same hat a row or two more before starting decreasing. You already know about not skimping on the ribbing. Using a crochet hook might make it easier to pick up the stitches.
It’s cold here. Single knit hats aren’t warm enough.[/color]

No kidding! My fear is that my gauge isn’t perfectly stable and the hats might turn out to be different sizes!

[color=blue]You’ll do just fine! The outside of the hat needs to be just a little bit bigger than the lining. One size larger needle does the trick.

If I waited 'til my guage was perfect, I’d still be waiting. It’s not neuro-surgery, it doesn’t need to be perfect.
And I do a whole lot of ripping. :frog: [/color]