HELP! Problems understanding pattern

I consider myself a average knitter, always trying to improve my works of art. I decided to try something new. So here I am knitting up a bear and I come to the soles of the feet and to save my life I can’t figure out the pattern. I wonder if its wrong or missing something. So I turn to all the experts. So heres what the pattern says.

Cast on 5 sts
[B]row 1[/B] - Inc 1st at each end of row and every following alt row until 15 sts
St st 21 rows
[B]row 36[/B]- Dec 1 st at each end of row and every followinf alt row until 5 sts.
Cast off

Now i did the increases,which i understand is to increase at both ends of row everyother row, and the st st 21 rows. but after that it doesn’t give me 35 rows it only gives me 30 rows. am I misunderstanding the increases ?

I thank everyone who can help me ahead of time :muah:

Can you link to the pattern?

“Every following alt row.” Hmmm. Sounds like an oxymoron here.

When in doubt, look at the picture. What is the shape of your bear’s feet soles? If you can knit something roughly that shape on your own, would that be good enough?

Or… what about getting hold of some white/ivory felt fabric, cutting out the proper feet-sole shapes, and gluing them on?


Oh, I am always much better at counting when I’m not the one knitting (see my frustration with my blanket - I think I frog each row I knit!)

Ok, so, cast on 5.
Row 1 - you’ll have 7 sts
Row 2 - still 7sts
Rows 3 and 4 - 9sts
5 and 6 - 11sts
7 and 8 - 13 sts
9 - 15sts

Plus 21 rows stockinette - yep 9 +21 is 30 for me too, and 9 more for similar decs would put you with 39. Is 39 rows long enough? Maybe just add more rows of stockinette?

i don’t have a link. i got the pattern out of a book called the knitted teddy bear. which has the cuttest bears

I agree–I’d just add stockinette rows if the legs look too short. Eye them up and see whether you need them longer.

I’m missing where you need 35 rows. Does it say that somewhere?

The next instruction begins with row 36.

Jen, have you looked online and/or emailed the publisher to ask about corrections?

How to the numbers work out if it’s every alternate RS row?

5 cast on
row 1, yields 7
2,3,4, = 7
5 yields 9
row 6, 7, 8 = 9
row 9 yields 11
rows 10,11,12 = 11
row 13 yields 13
rows 14,15,16 = 13
row 17 yields 15
plus 21 rows = 38…

still off - but closer then 30 rows to the 36 in the instructions.

That sounds like an awesome idea. never thought to write the publisher.
thank you all for the great advice