Help posting a picture?!

I put this under general knitting, but then realized maybe I should put it here.
I tried to post a picture of a sweater that I made for my granddaughter last night. It is the first time I have tried to do this.
The picture is on my desktop. I tried to click on the little square that says “insert image” and when I did it told me I had to put the URL in! I don’t get it:wall: Can someone be an angel and help me??!!

You have to have a site where your picture is at. I use photobucket. You up load the photos there.

Then you will see them only smaller (like thumbnails, but not quite that small)

under that is a list of ways to use the pic. The last one says IMG Code then in a box has the img code. If you click in that box it copies it to your clipboard. Just paste that into then message and you pic will come up.

Thank you Mama Dawn! I will try this when I get home from work, since I have to leave in a minute. Katrina on “General Questions” gave me a different option, so I’m praying that between the two of you I will get it right!! I will let you know!