hello knitters, I wonder if you can help me. I am doing a cable pullover and this is the Yoke part with cables (worked over 16 st). I don’t quite understand explanation for 13/14 - 31/32?

is the row displaced?

On row 13 and row 31 the designer wants you to “borrow” sts from the beginning of the next round in order to complete the cables. This is something that may become clearer as you actually work the round with the repeats.
Essentially, the last repeat will cross the beginning of round marker into the next round.


thanks I think I got it so in this case I would do the first 3 stitches, then repeat the 16 stitches in-between the red lines which will cause me to be 3 stitches over at the end…kind of makes sense once I re-read, thanks again!

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