Help pls! Shape Shoulders and Back Neck

Working on my first sweater and stuck!!!, need help reading and understanding this pattern pls.

i have 96 stitches working yarn

Shape Shoulders and Back Neck:

  1. (RS) Bind off 4 stitches at the beginning of the next 6 rows using the slope bind off method. - 72 stitches remain. >> Does this mean I slope bind off 24 from the RS only? OR I slope bind off 3 rows from the RS and 3 rows from WS for the mirror effect?

  2. Mark off center 16 stitches >>> Does this mean to BO 16 st?

  3. Next Row (RS): Bind off 4 st, knit until there are 24 st on R Needle, bind off 16 st between markers, knit to the last st, turn. >> I understand this part but I have no clue how to get here.

Much appreciated and thank you so much for your help in advance.


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That’s very exciting, making your first sweater.

  1. Yes, 3 rows at each edge so that the two shoulders mirror each other.
  2. “Mark off” means to use markers to indicate the center 16sts for the neck. You can use purchased markers or make small circles of yarn to use as markers. In future rows, slip the markers from the left needle to the right needle when you come to them.
  3. This is one of those directions that is probably easier to work out with the sts on the needle. Basically, begin the row by binding off 4sts, continue to knit the row until there are 24sts on the R needle. You should now be at the center 16 marked sts. Bind off 16sts and continue to knit to the end of the row.
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@salmonmac Thank you so so much!