HELP PLS Increasing or decreasing mesh knit

Hi guys,

Im pretty new to knitting but getting the hang of most things I’m trying to knit a vest/ tank top sort of thing using mesh knit with the pattern being: Row 1: K1 (edge), * YO, P2TOG, repeat from *, K1 (edge)
Row 2: Repeat Row 1 however I can’t quite work out how im supposed to increase or decrease for the neck and armhole.

Also, I’ve been knitting it top to bottom is this going to make my life harder or does it not make a difference. Can any of you advanced knitters tell me the pattern for increase/decrease for this particular mesh knit. Much appreciated thanks!

Welcome to KH!
What is the name of your pattern?
You might decrease by omitting the yarn over.

Increase by a M1 (make one) next to the edge sts. You could also use a KRL or KLL (knit right loop or knit left loop) in the edge stitch.
These increases are demonstrated under Free Videos at the top of the page.

Hiya, thanks for your reply

I’m just using the pattern from this YouTube video but unfortunately she doesn’t say about increase or decrease but I assume if you knit a lot you would be able to figure it out.

So when I knit I’m supposed to have an even number of stitches and knit the first one then yarn over and purl two together until the last stitch where I knit again, so will knitting an extra loop at each end work is that what you mean? X

Also, she doesn’t mention how to bind off!

If you’re thinking of the yarn over as the extra loop, you can’t easily add an extra yarn over on the end with the k1, yo, p2tog. The double yarn has to be dealt with differently. The easiest way to work an increase in this pattern is to increase in the k1 sts at each end. Then you’ll have a k2 at each end. If there is a following increase you’ll have k3 at each end and you can then resume your pattern of yo, p2tog.
There are several increases that will work including a kfb (knit front and back).
Try the increases and decreases on a small swatch in pattern to see which you prefer.


Okay I will try to work this out, thanks so much for your help!

By the way this has worked using the kfb method! Thanks so much, one last thing:

if you know at all how I would bind off with this pattern?

The stitch over stitch bind off will work here, just remember to keep it loose. If you have a tendency to knit tightly, you can use a size larger needle in your right hand.
This is the bind off where you knit 2sts onto the right hand needle, then lift the first over the second and off the needle. Then knit one more and repeat the lift over and off.