Help! please!

I’m making the Chenille Thick & Quick Easy vest.

I’m working on the back and I’ve gotten to the part where I’m starting my armhole shaping. It says to bind off 2 stitches on each of the next two rows and then for the following 2 rows bind off 2 stitches each (I’m making small). THEN it’s got Next Row instructions. Are those for the first row that I bound off on, or after I do the 4 bound off rows?


I’m no expert, but I take each line of instruction to be completed before starting a new line of instruction. So I would say after the four rows.


Hi, not the best instructions in the world, but I agree with carollovesyarn. I think “next row” refers to the row after the bind-offs are completed. Why don’t you e-mail Lion just to be on the sure side?

Good luck!

Thanks for the responses. I hadn’t thought of emailing Lion.

Headsup Twiggy!
I had to call Lionbrand for pattern clarification. I am not impressed with the results! :evil: The rep on the phone behaved as if I was bothering her when I called. Um, hello - it’s your ef-yoo-seekay-eye-en-gee job to answer my questions!

Anyhoo, I just want you have your hounds in line just in case Lionbrand gives you lip. :thumbsup:

Well I just sent email. Haven’t heard back from them yet. I went ahead and went with the consensus on here. I’ll find out later if it’s right. Hehehehehe

I just heard back from Lion. Y’all were right. It is after.