Help please

Hi my pattern is confusing me, I have 176 stitches and the instructions on the next row dont add up!

It tells me to P6(4) then work panel pattern A which is 24stitches, then panel pattern D 3 times which is 24 stitches x 3, then panel pattern A again and finish with P6(4).

Is the P6(4) really p4??
Either way it doesn’t make 176!

Can anyone explain it to me. Thanks

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
What is the pattern that you’re making and what size? Can you give us a link or the name of the pattern?
Is there another stitch pattern, maybe a cable that’s to be worked between the panels?

The pattern is Berber denimstyle his and her Aran knit. I’m working to the largest size, it’s for my oh, there are 176 stitches, each of the panel patterns is worked over 24 stitches.

P6(1-5-8-1-4). (Work 1st row of panel pattern a. Work 1st row of panel pattern D) 2(3-3-3-3-3)Times. (Work 1st row of panel pattern A)1(0-0-0-1-1)time. P6(1-5-8-1-4).

The math doesn’t add up - if I’ve read it correctly it is only 128 stitches!

OK, lovely pattern and quite a challenge.

The first row which sets the pattern panels is:
1st row: (RS). P4 (1st row of Panel Pat A, 1st row of Panel Pat D) 3 times.(Work 1st row of Pat A) 1 time , P4.

So P4 (Panel A, Panel D) x3, Panel A, P4
You want to repeat [I]both[/I] panel A and panel D 3 times(A,D,A,D,A,D). That’ll add up to 176.

That makes more sense, thank you very much. Fingers crossed that I get a bit further on now!