Help ! please


Does anyone have a link to a video for adding a new ball of yarn on a purl row.

I am knitting a boyfriend jumper and I am almost out of yarn about 10 stitches from the end of the row.

I just tried one method I got from a video but when I knitted my next row ( a knit row ) I had a hole so I have undone this and now at a loss.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I feel rather stupid because I know I have done this before seem to have forgotten how.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Scroll down to the “joining yarn” section.

How would this work on a purl row as excess yarn would be hanging on the knit side which is the right side. Would I just thread the excess through to the othe side?

Thank you

I know some people really like the Russian Join.

I guess with my knitting, I’ve either just bitten the bullet and tied a little knot, or work two strands together for several stitches and then use a yarn needle to “sew” the loose ends into the stitches around it.

I tend to knit or purl for 2-3sts with the new and old strands, too. You can do this on a purl row by dropping the old yarn on the purl side and leaving the tail of the new yarn on that same purl side. If you don’t want to overlap sts, you can stop using the old yarn and start the new just be sure to cross the yarns over each other when you go to weave in the ends. That’ll get rid of a hole.
Here’s a variation: