Help please

I have recently purchased a pattern from Bergere de France and as a beginner, I don’t understand the following pattern:

Cast on 101 (109-117-125-135) sts . Work in st-st, dec on each side 3 sts from edge as follows:

[COLOR=“Red”]S-M and L: 12 x 1 st every 10 rows.
XL and XXL: 2 x 1 st every 12 rows, then 10 x 1 st every 10 rows.[/COLOR]

To make 1 st decrease, 3 sts from edge: k3, k2 tog, work until 5 sts remain on left needle, sl1, k1, psso, k3. cont.

I was going to knit the xxl size so i’ve cast on 135 sts but I don’t know where to start decreasing what does the text in red mean?

Can anybody please help, much appreciated.

You would follow the dec instructions for the XL/XXL - dec 1 sts every 12 rows twice, then 1 stitch on the 10th row after that.

Thanks Suzeeq

It seems obvious when somebody explains. I wish patterns were typed out more clearly for beginners. :aww:
Thanks again

Well, this is a French pattern that was probably translated and they do write them with less detail in Europe anyway. After a while you understand the construction and can figure out the sparser instructions.

Decrease 1 st every 12 rows twice, then 1 stitch on the 10th row and every 10th row after that for a total of 10 times