Help please

Can you please tell me how many increases do I need and at what points. I am knitting the smallest size
K1[2:3:3:1:1], Inc in next st, (k3, increase in next st) 0 times [0:0:0:1:1] times, (k2 [4:2:2:4:4], Inc in next st) 5 [3:5:5:3:3] times (k3, Inc in next st) 0 [0:0:0:1:1] times, k1[2:3:3:1:1].
I am a bit frustrated Doing this neck part of my knitting

K1,Inc in next st, (k2, Inc in next st) 5 times, k1
Anytime it says 0 times for your size you can skip those directions.

Ignore the instructions that have knit 0 or 0 times for your size and go on to the next one.

Thanks a lot