Help please!

Hi there, I’m new and have joined to hopefully get some reassurance on a puzzling pattern I am doing.
I learned to knit from my mum when I was a child and have recently picked it back up again. I have two issues, the first is that my knitting doesn’t seem to look like knitting? I am doing stocking stitch, so knit a row purl a row and it just seems to look bobbley ather than like a straight kind of plait?

Second I’m knitting a Thomas the tank engine toy and the pattern says: chassis bas - top and bottom (both alike). Using b cast on 34 stitches, work 108 rows. Cast off.
So, do you read that as you have to make two of the same or just one?

Can you help?

Thank you!!! X

That purl side will look bumpy, but the knit side should be smooth V’s. If it doesn’t look like stockinette then maybe you’re knitting or purling incorrectly. Check the videos at the top of the page.

If it doesn’t say knit another piece or to knit two you can look at the end where it’s put together and see if it seems there should be two. Do you have a link to the pattern?

Two I believe. Look further on in the directions for verification of this. If in the finishing or assembling or where ever it tells you to sew the 2 chassis pieces together somehow you have the assurance that you need two.

Many folks when they learn to knit, learn a little different method than is shown in most beginner books for how to do the knit and purl. Sometimes people learn to wrap the purl in the opposite direction and that requires the knit stitches all to be worked (when knitting flat) through the back loop. But if you don’t realize you should be knitting through the back loop you will twist all the stitches and that looks a bit differently. You can either knit through the back loop, or wrap the purls the other way to correct the problem.

There may be other little things that happen that could cause odd looking stitches. If we could see a sample of you knitting, close up and clear we might be able to help. You may not be able to post a picture yet, but if you make a few posts somewhere you will be able to. Commenting on other folk’s knitting in the “What’cha Knittin” forum would be a way to get a few posts. :slight_smile:

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