Help please

Hi can someone help with the end of the pattern please

cut the yarn, leaving a 24 inch tail. Thread the tail through the remaining stitches and use to sew up back of the hat. (see Mattress Stitch video for how to sew up invisibly.)

do i just put the needle from begining of the stiches straight through to the end then take them of the needle


Thread the yarn needle and put it through the stitches on the needle so it makes sort of hole then cinch it up to close it. I go back through the loops one more time myself. Then start seaming down the side to the bottom of the hat. There is a video here under the tab that says videos and then knitting tips. It’s under the finishing techniques heading.

Thanks for that, it shows the stitches on a round needle but mine are on straight needles. So do you know how i will so this


when I do this, I leave the stitches on the needle, cut the yarn with the long tail end. Then thread my yarn needle.

I then start with the stitch on the far end of the needle (on straight needles) - so the 1 stitch of the row you just finished.

then from there through the stitches all the way to the stitch that yarn end comes from.

you now have a loop of yarn from the last stitch you worked, back along your needle, then through the stitches and out the tip of the needle again. Does this description make sense?

once you made this: slip all stitches off the needle, then pull that yarn firmly. It will bring your stitches together nicely and close the top of the hat.

[you CAN go the other way around, too. Take the first stitch to loop through first and then go to the end of your needle. But really, that becomes hard to tighten, sometimes, when the first stitch pulls closed on itself. And it does not close the round as nice. So: Favorably go the way I described]

Trouble shooting:
If your stitches are too tight to make the threading happen, slip them all to a thinner knitting needle first.

or, if you do not have any other needles but still can not fit it, there is a remedy for straight needles (you will not need it on circulars)…

slip all stitches of that last row over to the other needle (your needles go tip to tip, so you slip purlwise). Then you can do the threading from the tip of the needle, because that is where your 1 stitch of the last row now ended up. Tight stitches now can be “picked off” with the tapestry needle and dropped of the knitting needle as they go onto the yarn. therefore you do not have to have 2 needles in the stitches at the same time.


now you hold it right side out and use mattress stitch. There is a video for that, too.

you sew from the top of the hat down to the brim, weave in the yarn you did the sewing with and also the yarn that you started your knitting with.

Done, wear with pride.