Help please!

Okay, I’ve never made anything that needs to be sewed together. I have to make this poncho I need to make and it says to sew the ends together. I was under the impression that you put it together with yarn you use in your project, but someone commented to me that it would be difficult to put through the sewing machine. Now I’m confused! :oops: LOL!!
Help! Do I “sew” it with needle and yarn or in the machine?


Hey there!

No worries, you are at the right website for that question!

I’ve made a few things that have to be pieced (aka “sewn”) together.

You should check out the Advanced Techniques tab at the top of this website and go down to the end and click on Kitchener Stitch video.

It’ll make your job lots easier!

Good luck! I have used Amy’s videos here and they are awesome!


You need a knitting tapestry needle (the one directly next to the blue&white case) and yarn (whichever yarn you used for the poncho so that it will match). Check out Knitty’s instructions on seaming.

Hope that helps!

Good Luck!