HELP! Please!

I am currently making an over sized shawl. On the edge I knit 2 yo.
I made a mistake and now and had to start taking out rows. I have removed my knitting from my needles and need to take out at least 4 rows. My question is when I go to put my work back on the needles, how do I put the YO back on? Or do I even put it back on? The pattern increase one stitch on each side.

You might wanna take a look at Amy’s videos all below fixing mistakes. That will walk you through on having to back up those rows.

Also when ever I make a lace shawl, I always do a lifeline (makes it easier to catch the YOs)…when you get to the edge with the YOs you will prolly be able to tell where they were and you can pick it up that way. If not then the next row just pick up knit into the strand between the sts…like the Decorative Increase :thumbsup:

I can’t really offer any additional help other than to say use the lifeline. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve had to rip out some lace. The lifeline will keep you from wanting to kill yourself every time you have to.