Help please!


I’m completely new to knitting, and i’m starting off by knitting a baby hat. My friend told me to knit two sides and then sew them together, it’s been going well except that I began with 40 stitches and after a few lines I had 45 and so on! Another friend has the same problem.

What are we doing wrong? Is it simply carelessness and bad counting (blame my baby brain!)?


[FONT=“Georgia”][SIZE=“3”][/SIZE][/FONT]As a yearling to the knitting scene I can understand your issue but not sure how it might be happening to you. You might be forgetting to transfer the stitch you knit onto the other needle thus knitting twice into the same stitch. I STRONGLY advise starting with a more forgiving project, a scarf, before moving on to hats or anything where size matters.
Until you really get used to knitting I’d say, slow down, count your stitches each row. If you find you have 1 too many, take the time to see if you can find your error (this is VERY good practice). Knit 2 tog on your second stitch on the next row if needed and continue being mindful of your stitches.

I started off with a blanket of squares, knit and purl… was a great thing to do while pregnant nearly 25 years ago. I went from there to scarves and then tried reading patterns for baby hats and booties.

I think something like a scarf or a small baby blanket is always a good idea, it’s also a good idea to learn to read knitting patterns. Search your local hobby shop or yarn store for some easy patterns you can do with cheap yarn to practice on.

Also, search resale shops for yarn to use for practicing things like a cable stitch or turning a heel or working a gusset… or just getting your stitches uniform. Plus, keep coming here because these folks are awesome in their knowledge.

There is a whole sticky thread on extra stitches in the How-To Forum. That’s how common this beginner problem is.:shrug:

what pattern are you using?

There’s a very easy pattern at bev’s country cottage using size 3 needles and a soft worsted weight (knit flat then one seam… i’ve tweaked my own copy so i can knit it in the round).

First things first…read this

and then give us the link to the pattern(if you can) so we can follow along and help…

but just for now…pay attention to your working yarn when you turn. if it isnt where it should be it can pull the last stitch in places it shouldnt be and cause the knitter to think there are 2 stitches to be worked instead of one. (there’s a post about this in that thread i directed you to)
I think that is the most common mistake. Id check that out first.

You can make anything you feel like you can handle… :thumbsup: Dont let anyone stifle you by telling you that you cant or shouldnt.

I often tell people to go and get a washcloth pattern book and make all of them.(they make great gifts to someone else or yourself!!)and make sure you get one that has pattern stitches, not just holes…lol come back to ask any questions and by the time your done with those you will have encountered quite a few of the common issues that you will need to have conquored before you tackle something that will take more of your brain…LOL:zombie: And you will have “taught” your fingers what they need to be doing… and when you look at your work, you will be able to see whether its right or wrong. Its just a good idea in my opinion. But then again…everybody’s got one…

Welcome to the fourum!!!:hug: :grphug:

Wow! Thanks for the quick responses.

It was all really good advice and I think I may start with a scarf or a blanket and forget the hat for the time being. I’m not following a pattern as my friend/teacher doesn’t use them but I realise now that I definitely need to as I’m so inexperienced.

I live on a tiny Greek island so i’m cut off from bookshops, can any of you recommend a good book for beginners and perhaps I can order from Amazon?

Many thanks

Thanks to Shandeh (Sandy), here is a website that she posted on another thread in this forum. (The Charity Knitters thread)

The very first pattern (15" blanket) is easy enough to understand, and if you double the amount cast on, you would have a full size baby blanket.

Good Luck!!

I would definatly have this bookon hand…i use this thing all the time. (course i knit ALOT)

But that book is a “technique” book more than anything but still good to have within grabbing range.

not sure about any other books for beginers…I never used one. When I wanted to learn about a certain subject. I bought a book (or 5) that would cover that subject. and the KH forum has been an indespensable source of information!!:muah:
Imma have to leave that one to the other folks.

hope this helps!

I also would recommend starting with something simple like a scarf before dealing w/ a hat. I just finished my first scarf, and i can’t imagine trying to start knitting with a hat…I would have been so confused.

What you may be doing is sliding the needle under the back of the stitch you’re trying to transfer to the right needle (i’ve done this, it sucks) or yarning over accidentally and ending up with an extra stitch.

here ya go:

You learn Casting on, knit, yarn over, knit two together, binding off. I’ve made several of these and found they actually work BETTER than the Mr. Clean magic erasers to scrub my fridge, better than scrubbing pads for my counters AND my dh had me make a bunch of smaller ones (4" square) that he carries in his laptop bag for his laptop and his computer at work.