Help please

I consider myself an experienced knitter but I’m having a problem that driving me nuts! I’m knitting a sweater using 100% cotton thread and the pattern is K5, P5, K5 etc. When changing from K to P the first stitch looks loose and not at all even. It doesn’t seem to matter how tight I hold the thread, I can’t seem to get it to look neat. Has anyone else had this problem? How is it corrected. I’ve ripped it out three times. There has to be a solution! Please help me.:hair: :hair:

I am having a similar problem. I am making the pumpkin hat and it is a K8 P1. The last k stitch looks different (looser?) than the rest of them. I will be interested in suggestions also.

I had the same problem (lots of people do actually) and if you are knitting in the round you can try this method that I came up with. It can’t be on something reversible because the stitch is twisted on the wrong side, but I figured it didn’t matter on the inside.

If the garment/project needs to be reversible so you are knitting on both sides try wrapping the purl stitch under instead of over and then on the reverse side knit into the back of the twisted stitch. This is actually known as combination knitting. :thumbsup:

One note - ribbing often evens itself out after you’ve done several inches so if you don’t like either of the above methods you can see if it does for you.

Well, it can also work if you’re knitting a sweater flat and the twisted st will still be on the inside.

I’m still in a “holding pattern” until I try to figure this out. Haven’t heard from anyone who can help yet. Let me know if you have any luck.

Jan - Thanks for your help. I’m not knitting in the round but the piece does not need to be reversable. It’s actually not ribbing. The ribbing was a K1,P1. The pattern is K5, P5 for 4 inches and reverse stockinet stitch for 2 inches. It’s the K5, P5, K5 part of the pattern that is causing the problem.

The k5, p5 is still basically a rib st, though it’s not really stretchy, but the same principals still apply to it. Try Jan’s suggestion of wrapping the first purl st the wrong direction, then on the next row knit it through either loop. If you knit it in the front leg it will stay twisted and will be tighter. How much looser is it? After washing or blocking when done, the sts even out a lot. You can try that out on the piece you have so far, or just do a 20-30 st swatch in the k5p5 pattern for about 5" and see what happens to the purl sts when you wash it.