Help please

I am trying to knit the Sand Stitch Cotton Cloth and I am stumped. I cast on 32 stitches. It says K4 ridges (showing on right side) in garter stitch. I knit 4 rows, but on the towel it says K 5 ridges (10 rows).
Should I knit 4 more rows?

Next it says to K5, start Pattern Stitch, K5
Pattern Stitch is; Rows 1 & 3: (RS) Knit all stitches.
Row 2: *K1, P1 rep from * across row.
Row 4: *P1, K1 rep from * across row.

o.k. I knit 5 stitches and go to row1 which says Knit all stitches and then go back to K5. Isn’t this just knitting all of row 1? It doesn’t make sense to me. Do I do all four rows and then knit five rows?

Ridges are made of TWO rows, so yes, you need to knit more rows.

On the pattern section, you have a four-row repeat. Yes, you knit all of the stitches where you knit across the row. Those are rows 1 & 3. It looks like the first and last 5 STITCHES of every row are knit. On rows 2 and 4, I think you k t, THEN k1, p1 (row 2) and p1, k1, (row 4).

I don’t have this pattern, so if you want me to be SURE, include a link, okay?

Here is the link

It’s as I told you before. The first and last 5 sts are k for EVERY row. THEN you follow the pattern as written.

Aother way of writing this would be to say
Row 1: knit across row
Row 2: K5, **K1,P1 repeat from ** to last 5 sts, k5
Row 3: Knit across row
Row 4: K5, **P1,K1 repeat from ** to last 5 sts, K5

These 4 rows are the pattern stotches and you will repeat this to the deired size of the cloth. That gives you a 5 stitch garter-stitch border on the edges with the pattern (a knit row, a K1,P1 and Knit row and a P1,K1 row) in the middle.

The 4 ridges of garter at the start are all counted on one side and are created by knitting 8 rows.