Help please?

So, I am happily knitting along on this lovely DK Weight Shawl Back Shrug when something makes me pause to check the pattern. Oops! In addition to the raglan increases every right side row, I should have been making increases every fourth row to grow the front section. I am now about 50 rows into this and nearly to the armholes and don’t want to rip back to the start!

Maybe I could do something with the edging or a border on the front? Will it look goofy? What would YOU do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! (This is my first ever post.)

Frog it which is the same as ripping it out–Sorry Been there done that

:hug: Welcome to KH!! I would prolly do what momwolf suggested and rip it back out…:hug:

There’s a saying, you can’t be a good rider until you’ve fallen off a few times. I guess maybe you can’t be a good knitter until you’ve frogged a few times. I certainly learn a lot from my mistakes.

There’s probably not a way to make up the lost sts and have it look right; you need them in there for the lace pattern anyway. You may not need to rip it all out, it’s possible you could leave a few of the starting rows on it.

Guess I knew deep down inside that I’d be frogging tonight. Thanks for confirming. It will look better the second time around anyways now that I’ve got those lace patterns down, right!

Yes! Really, because you’re more familiar with the pattern it’ll go faster, I swear it.

That’s been my frogging experience also!