Help please!

Hey, everyone! I haven’t been on for a while. (School, bass, dance, etc.) I need a poll for math(see above) thanks for your time. If you don’t watch Star Wars, than just randomely pick one. Thanks and happy holidays.

Sorry…none…not my kind of movies.:wink:

That’s okay.

Ya left out most folk’s favorite, Han Solo.

I was about to say the same thing, Mason. I was all set to marry Han Solo when that movie came out. Ok, sure I was only five, but still…

Dang!!! It was only supposed to have 5 options though. Sorry everyone. I realized that about 2 minutes after!!

:heart: :inlove: Han Solo :inlove: :heart:
Darth Vader is a close second. That voice. Ahhhhhhhh. And that power! I always knew he was good deep down inside. :wink:

LOL!!! :rofl:

Hey Sugar!

I voted! I hope you had a great Christmas! Good luck with your project :slight_smile:

Thanks Sharly. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
(BTW I only need 50 votes, so we’re almost there!)

I can’t believe Chewy isn’t winning. What’s wrong with you people? :eyebrow2:

I did my part :thumbsup:

Adore Yoda I do!
But Chewy is not too bad.

I voted!! tell us how you do on your project!

I always loved the sound Chewy made! Sooooooo cute!

Chewie is the best!!!

ok… Let’s just let those who didn’t vote for Chewie explain why to him!

Yeah why people? Hmmm???

My favorite of course would be Han Solo:teehee: - I still love the original three for that reason but 2nd choice was Chewy - he’s awesome and so very loyal. Luke is just…ugh!:zombie:


Luke does have his…ummm…moments.