Help please :)

when i knit, to the left it’s very very loose, how can i make it tight? to the right it’s fine, the only problem i have is with the left side.

thank you :slight_smile:

If you’re right handed, you should always be knitting from right to left. I don’t know what you mean by left and right sides.:??

hope this helps kind of describing what i meant…

It looks like you’re having a problem when you start the purl side (I’m assuming that you’re working in stockinette).

You can try slipping the first stitch of each row–that will tighten up both edges a bit, or when you purl the first stitch, wrap the yarn in the opposite direction than you normally would. On the knit side that stitch will need to be knit through the back loop to untwist it. This tightens purls when switching from knit to purl, so I’d think it would tighten up the edge, too.