Help Please

I have to do this on a pattern for a bolero,
slip next stitch onto right hand needle,take yarn to opposite side of work between needles,slip same stitch back onto left hand needle(this will now be reffered to as wrap 1.)
Is there any diagrams or help please,as i am stuck.Thank you.

All the instructions want you to do is to slip the next stitch that would be worked from the left onto the right hand needle purlwise, then bring the yarn forward as if to purl, after that is done replace the stitched back onto the left hand needle. You will probably be instructed to turn your work around.
I do not believe I have ever seen a diagram displaying this action being done and cannot seem to find one doing a search. Sorry.

PS. Here is a site that verbally explains what I believe your instructions are telling you to do.

Well, I found a visual from Knitpicks for short row turning (which is what you are most likely doing). Here is the address:
then click on “Short Row Tutorial” in the paragraph and it will take you to the Pdf.

Thank you very much,now i know what to do.Thank you again.