Help please!

I am a VERY beginner knitter - can only do scarves! But I have a reoccurring problem - The ends of my ribbed scarves look wider than the rest so the sides don’t go straight up and down but rather kick out at the end. Very frustrating!!! Don’t know if maybe i have to cast on/bind off in a different way. Can anyone help?

Count the stitches on the needle…do you have more than you started with? If so then somewhere along the way you are increasing. The most likely newbie mistake is doing a Yarn Over (YO). A YO can be used either to increase or create an eyelet in the design. It happens when you bring the yarn forward between the needles when you are knitting rather than have it behind.

Like Jan says… and another mistake that’s made is on the first stitch. If the last stitch on the previous row was knit, it’s easy for the loose yarn to flop over the needle and pull up the loop on that last stitch so it looks like two. Pull the yarn end off to the side so you only see one stitch to start with.


I made that mistake also with my first few scarves. At times, if I wasn’t paying attention, I accidentally picked up the “bar” between two knit stitches. That leaves a little hole. If you use a plain yarn and tend to knit tightly it’s easy to see. It might be something like knitting really tightly at the beginning then really loose at the end?

There’s also this that might explain why the end is wider.