Help please

Hi, I am new to knitting and having a problem. I feel so stupid but here goes. I am currently working on a jumper in stocking stitch. Today I was working on it, but I have accidently put in a purl row when it should have been a normal stitch. I have undone the knitting back 2 rows but I can’t get it to line up properly. I ended up stopping and have left it now. Is there an easier way that I can go back a few rows without having to start the whole thing again?
Any help would be very appreciated.

Check out the Fixing Mistake videos at the bottom of THIS PAGE

If you have a yarn store near by, one of the employees may be willing to help you out if you end up with a mess you can’t fix on your own.

On the page Kelly mentioned there’s a video on inserting your needle into a row (a few rows down) before you rip the stitches out – I found that so helpful as I’m soooo clumsy at getting live stitches back onto the needle without dropping them.

Good luck! :smiley:

Very often when you take out knitting stitch by stitch, the loops end up on the needle twisted. Imagine that the two loops are a right leg (on your side of the needle) and a left leg (on the back of the needle.)

The right leg should be slightly forward of the left leg. If it’s not, you can slip it from the left to right needle and slip it back again so it’s facing the right way.