Help please

i cant tell the difference between pwyib between ktbl please help.thanks :muah:

I think we’re going to need a bit more information to be able to help you…

pwyib - is this purl with yarn in back? if so, it would add a stitch by creating a yarn over

ktbl - this is knit through the back loop and twists a stitch

Are you saying you can’t recognize the stitch once it’s done?

ktbl would look almost like a regular stitch
pwyib would have 2 stitches where there was only one before


Thank you for your reply.My pattern calls for “purlwise wyib on all odd rows”.if i understand it correctly after purling with the yarn in the back it looks like a twisted knit stitch.i dont see the stitch that usually follows a purl stitch.
How can you p2togtbl it is the same as knitting 2 together through the back loop…
thanks for your help.

Hmmm, it doesn’t seem to actually say to purl wyib, it just says purlwise wyib. Is there any mention of slipping stitches, by any chance?? That would make a lot more sense, if it was telling you to slip purlwise wyib. That would just mean to hold the yarn to the back, and insert the right needle into the stitch as though you were going to purl it (this is what purlwise means) but you don’t actually purl it, you just move it from the left needle to the right.

On this page you will find a video demonstrating p2togtbl.

Do what “purlwise wyib on all odd rows”? If it’s a slip stitch then you won’t be doing a YO, or purling with the yarn in back, but slipping a stitch purlwise with the yarn in back, then doing the next stitch. There’s a big difference.

In order to get more accurate advice, it’s a good idea to type out the whole row of the pattern instead of just a little bit.


Thanks again for your reply.i am ready to give up on this pattern-it might be too advance for me although,i am an experinced knitter who left the needles to rest for few years…
I will copy the whole line of the pattern(two of them) and mybe,it makes more sense.
row 1 SL 2 (purlwise wyib on all odd rows),p3,p2tog tbl,k4,yo,k2,yo,ssk,p2,yo,p2tog,k2,yo,ssk,yo,k4,p2tog,p3.k2.

row 2 SL 2(purlwise wyif on all even rows),k2,k2tog,p4,yo,k1,p2,yo,p2tog,k2,yo,ssk,p2,yo,p2tog,k1,yo,p4,ssk,k2,p2.

hope to work it out…thank you much

Sounds like the explanation knitqueen gave. You’ll slip two stitches, but instead of sticking your needle in like you would to knit, and then slipping, you’ll stick your needle in as if to purl, and then slip. WYIB is just reminding you to keep your working yarn hanging down in back while you slip, rather than wrapping it in any way.

That video of p2tog tbl is a good one. Sounds like this pattern is not at all too hard for you–just one little hitch! :slight_smile: Good luck!

ETA: Whoops! Sue had it, too–hope I didn’t hurt any feelings there!

It is what I (and suzeeq) suspected - you are slipping stitches. The SL 2 tells you that you are going to slip 2 stitches and the part in parentheses just tells you that you are going to be slipping those 2 stitches purlwise, holding the yarn in back (wyib). And then on the row 2 it’s a similar thing except that you will be slipping those two stitches with the yarn in front (wyif).

Do you understand the rest of the instructions for those two rows?