Help ! Please!?!

Okay, I think I might have Royally screwed up. I’ve never been great at following directions to make something, but I thought I was doing okay.
My problem is this… okay the knit stitch I have down,… it is the purl stitch that I believe I have truly messed up and I need to know if this affects anything.
The instructions say to wrap your yarn around the needle counter clockwise. I have been doing that great on the knit stitch, but on the purl I have been wrapping it around clockwise.
Ist this really that bad? I mean will it like unravel at some point because I did it backwards?
Please help, I’m freaking out here. I’ve already made 7 scarves this way and am about to lose it wondering if I messed them up.
:wall: :shrug: :wall: :?? :wall: :doh: :wall:

Relax, they won’t unravel :smiley:

I think wrapping the opposite way twists the stitches…I’m sure Brendajos will be by in a minute to tell you all about it because she used to do that too!

:teehee: whoooo meeeeeee? Yup I did. Made the knit stitch harder than it should have been but I didn’t think much of it. That was how it was supposed to be as far as I knew. It has taken me a long time to figure out how to effectively wrap it the “right” way and I do the purl stitch sorta funky but it still works now. I have heard you can knit into the back of the loop and it will sort of “untwist” your purl stitch. I didn’t hear this until after i corrected myself so I only briefly tried it. Seemed to work though. You will be amazed by how much easier it is to do a knit row after a purl row if you fix it.

i do appreciate the irony of your name and your twisted purl stitches though! :teehee: