Help please

Does anyone know what I’ve done??
I’ve took a picture of both sides. Twice now, I’ve thought I’ve picked it up bit it’s still there!
With using 3 colours it’s a very slow grower so would rather not pull it back if possible.

You may have missed working a stitch with one of the yarns or knit a stitch when you should have purled. If you tink back to the stitch you may be able to see the error and repair it.
Here’s a video for tinking that may help.

What is it that you’re making? Are you following a pattern with these lovely colors?

Thanks salmonac. No pattern. Just knitting yet another bag. I want this one to be thick enough to not let my keys poke through and so it stands up on its own. And also so that I don’t have to line it (I’m no sewer!)

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