Help please

Hi everybody

New here and not sure if posting in the right place.

i’m very much of a new beginner when it comes to knitting. i am knitting for the first time using a knitting loom and am knitting the below pattern for a tube sock.

the first 80 rows are knit stitch alternating E-wrap and U-wrap every other row.

row 17 was U-wrap and row 18 should have been E-wrap but i didn’t pay enough attention and carried on doing U-wrap with several pegs.

i watched some videos to learn how to fix this but i couldn’t get my head round it. i debated whether to start E-wrap from the peg i was on but in the end i decided to finish the row with U-wrap.

This means however that row 17 is U-wrap and row 18 is U wrap, and row 19 should be back to U-wrap but worried that having 3 rows of U-wrap will mess things up a lot.

so i am thinking of reversing the alternating and doing E-wtap with row 19 (instead of U-wrap) and essentially for the rest of the rows do E-wrap instead of U-wrap and do U-wrap instead of E-wrap…

this is the second sock. have done the first one already. should i go ahead with my idea above or should i scrap it and start all over again???

sorry this is so long and hope this made sense (i am so new to knitting) and i hope someone can get back and give me their thoughts and advice.

thanks very much in advance

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Welcome to the forum!
Those are really good looking socks. There are a few loom knitters here and I hope they’ll see your post and advise.

If you can identify a row below your mistake and pick up sts before taking the knitting off the loom so much the better. Here’s how it can be done.

This works for hand knitting and should work for the loom fabric as well.

thank you very much @salmonmac - i have booked marked that video. i can see how that would help me when i am knitting scarves using knitting needles.

if there are loom knitters who read this, i would really appreciate their thoughts and advice.

at this point, i am very likely to scrap what i did and start again from scratch…

it’s gonna be a gift for someone and i want to do the best i can with those socks