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I am working on the tree of life jacket. The back has 124 stitches and each side has 62 stitches plus there is an additional 6 rows that was picked up and knitted along the center left and right edges. I am to mark center 6 inches on the top edge of back for back neck and sew the shoulder seams leaving back neck open. The shoulder is the the whole 62 plus so this doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks

Nor to me. Have you knit the fronts yet? You could decrease gradually up the final section of tree of life pattern. You’d need to dec close to 3 inches each side so the shoulder seams would leave the 6 inches free at the center back.
If you’ve already knit the fronts, I’d think about not seaming 3 inches on each side at the center and letting that portion of each front stay open as part of the collar.
It’s worth writing to Lion Brand to complain and point out the error.

There’s only one project so far with multiple complaints about omissions in the pattern.

I have already done the fronts and I made the collar trying to see how this would all go together. The collar looks like it is supposed to taper down the front but not when you have an extra 3 inches on each side. I have contacted Lion Brand they were no help.

I thought maybe I could added it to the sleeves but I don’t think that will work either. I have a lot of time and money invested so somehow I need a solution.

Hi there. I’ve just studied this pattern, and it makes no sense at all - I can only think that there should have been decreases at the centre front edge of each front piece from the top of the Dividing Pattern upwards. You could consider ‘easing’ the front pieces across the shoulder seams, so that they finish at the edge of the 6" back neck opening, although 3" + 6 rows is a lot to take up!

Can you take out the extra rows in the area of the collar? In other words take out all of the extra rows and replace with a band up each front edge that stops at the collar?
It’s a tremendous amount of work.

possibly I think I am going to make the collar longer and wider to hide all this. Seems like the easiest solution to me I can think of


I also emailed LB and this is the reply:

When you’re seaming the shoulders not all of the fronts will be attached to the backs - the portion with the front edging and part of the body will remain unattached to keep the center 6" of the back neck open. That extra bit of fabric is covered by the collar once that is attached, and helps the collar fold over and lay nicely.

(This was my option #2.)

I have already knitted the collar and it doesn’t allow for the 6 inches way to short


Sounds typical of this pattern. Do you think the collar would work if you knit it wider?
What if you added the extra rows of ribbing after attaching a longer collar?

it has to be longer to allow for the six inches and wider to cover the mess


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I wish I could help. But I have no idea. Sorry. Good luck :slight_smile: