Help, please!

Please help. I am doing the left front of a jacket and started the rib at the bottom. It’s a K1, P1 rib for two rows, then the third row says Rib 5, M1, rib to end of row. (I get it up until now!). The next row is rib as set to end of the row - how can I, as I’ve got another stitch and how do I treat it within the K1, P1 rib???

Hi and welcome! What pattern is it? It sounds like that extra stitch is just to make a nice edged transition between the front band and the rest of the sweater. If so, you’d want to work that stitch so it looks the same going up the front (if that makes sense?). Does it tell you to use a particular method for the M1?

Thank you for your reply. The pattern is Erika Knight’s Holyport Street. It tells you to M1 by picking up and working into back of loop lying between st just worked and next st.

You mean a M1L, yes? You would just purl into the new stitch on the return. But looking at the pattern pic, that edge ribbing looks like ribbing whereas the stitches to the left of it don’t, in which case it’s no problem. But if it’s actually ribbing all the way across… @salmonmac - thoughts?

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Since the pattern says rib as set, I would continue with either a knit or a purl for the increased stitch. Yes, this will mean 2 of the same sts next to each other but it won’t be as noticeable as you might think. Two purl sts especially on the right side will be “in the ditch” and not stand out.
Continue reading further in the pattern to see how much more rib there is and how it integrates into the front band and body of the cardigan.

Many thanks. I understand now. Kind regards.