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I’ve just started knitting Cleckheaton pattern #458 (swing jacket) & am getting rather confused at the directions for a row

  • starting with 191sts the next line reads:

Patt (12), *inc in next st, patt (4), rep from * to last (9) sets, patt to end (225sts)

I’ve tried to follow the pattern but I either end up with too many stitches for the next row or not enough, can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong??

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It’s so painful when this happens with so many sts on the needle. What kind of increase are you using?
A knit front and back would work or knit right or left loop.
There should be 34 increases across the row.
Patt (12), [inc in next st, patt (4)] times 34, to last (9) sets, patt to end (225sts)
You might use stitch markers or pieces of scrap yarn to mark the sts that should have the increases. It’s a lot of markers but it’s probably less painful than getting to the end with an incorrect total.

If this increase is at the transition from ribbing to pattern stitch, you could adjust the stitch count on the next row.

Hi & thank you for the welcome,

Just realised I made a typo the instructions should read:
Patt (12), *inc in next st, patt (4), rep from * to last (9) sts, patt to end (225sts)

I’ve tried to knit it as patt 12 = 12 sts & then also tried patt 12 = 24 sts & either end up with too many or too few stitches.

I’m using the KFB increase

Work in the stitch pattern across 12sts, then begin the repeat. The repeat is (kfb, work 4sts) repeat these sts in parentheses until there are 9sts on the left needle, work those 9sts in pattern.
The repeat has 5 sts and after the increase, 6sts per repeat.

How many sts do you have on the needle before the increase row, 191?

12 + (34 x 6) + 9 = 225

Thank you so much - finally realised where I was going wrong, I was including the knit stitch from the increase as part of the next pattern!

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