My pattern says Rib3, (rib1, work 2 tog, rib3, work 2tog,rib 1) 18 times, Rib 4. 133 sts.
I started with 169 cast on. Please help. I’m knitting my first sweater. The pattern is “ cardigan. Martin storey. RM001-00002

“Rib” means to work the given number of sts in your ribbing pattern or knit, purl sequence. So if your pattern is k2p2 then you would start with k2, p1 (p1, k2tog, p2,k1…

Hi can someone please help . I am on the first row after change to 4mm needles, and cant work out what I’m supposed to do. Can someone please put in in idiots terms . I’m on size 3.

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The patterns seems a bit inconsistent when it indicates the number of repeats so no wonder a knitter would be confused.
The first row after the change to 4mm needles should work out to:
(P1,K1) once, P1, [K4, P1, (K1,P1) 4 times] repeat the section in brackets 2 times.
The section in brackets [] should be repeated twice, not once so that the row adds up to 29sts.

Writing out every stitch it is:
P1,K1,P1 [K4, P1, (K1,P1) (K1,P1) (K1,P1) (K1,P1)] [K4, P1, (K1,P1) (K1,P1) (K1,P1) (K1,P1)]

Watch out for the number of repeats in the following rows too. Check that the pattern repeats are aligning as you work these rows.

What is the name of your pattern?

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Hi , thank you so much for the help. Pattern is wondersoft 4771.

Very sweet pattern! If you come across anything else that isn’t clear just on back to ask or comment.

Thank you