Help please

New knitter here , can anyone tell me what kind of stitches these are? I really want to make a hat similar to this but can’t find a pattern for it…

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They look like ribbing - knits and purls. Have you searched on Ravelry for a similar pattern???


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Thank you so much, no I have no idea what that is but I will look now :slight_smile:!!

Besides the knit and purl stitches mentioned by knitcindy, you will also have to do some decreases. I agree that Ravelry is where you might find a similar pattern.

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Knitcindy and engblom are right on target. Ravelry is free to join and chock full of knitting patterns.
This one comes close but there are others, too.

Thank you so much!!

Thank you!!

Wool and the Gang might also have a pattern similar. It looks like it would be a nice warm hat!


You can even filter your pattern search by the weight of yarn,…in this case you’d look for patterns for chunky yarn. It’s cute! That would be a super fast knit!

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If you provided the pattern, or the first three rows, let’s say, of the pattern, I could provide the stitch design. ((: (Happy Holidays!

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Awesome thank you!